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Accounts and Registration Coordinator

Job Title: Registration Coordinator

Department: Clerical Positions

Salary: $17,000 to $21,000

Job Description: Resumes accepted through July 1st. Branch Director will oversee the New J.A. Walters Family YMCA (a 52,000 sq ft family recreation facility that includes a 7k fitness area, 3k of aerobis space, three gymnasiums, two indoor pools, chapel, 4k of child watch space, 5 locker rooms and more.

posted: 06/07/2019

Candidate must posses the following skills: strong leadership of staff, YMCA program and membership knowledge, fundraising, community relations, strong organization and time management.

The YMCA is a Christian Organization and expects its leadership to have a values system that demonstrates the organizations committment to its Christian heritage.
The new Executive Director in his/her work with the new facility will focus on three major areas for 2019.
  1. Run a campaign to put membership units at 3,200 by dec 2019.
  2. Manage the key operation components including the annual budget, annual campaign, volunteers, and personnel.
  3. Build the YMCA's capacity to run high quality, fully accessible programs that model the strategic plan, mission and vision of the organization.


  • Bachelors degree minimum, plus 3-5 years related experience. Great position for an advanced Associate Executive in a strong similiar YMCA that is looking to make the next move in his/her career.
  • Please send resume with cover letter and three personal and three business references.

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