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Site Director Position for 2019-2020 School Year

Job Title: After-School Program Site Director

Department: Leadership Positions

Salary: $10 - $13 per hour

Job Description: The YMCA is accepting applications for the 2007-2008 school year! Training begins in July 2007.

posted: 06/07/2019


  • Responsible for the overall leadership of a specific program site including staff supervision, daily schedule and curriculum, enrollment, parent and school relations, facility maintenance, risk management, licensing and grant compliance.


  1. Program Quality & Delivery: Plan, supervise, and implement the program in accordance with the policies and philosophies of the YMCA, grant funding terms and conditions and national quality standards. Promote YMCA core values in program activities. Implement lesson plans in accordance with YMCA curriculum framework to ensure activities are well-balanced and meet the needs/interests of the children in the program. Maintain the arrangement, appearance and learning environment of the program site to create a warm and nurturing environment that is center based. Ensure program is set up and put away each day.
  2. Administration: Maintain a licensed program in accordance with Bright from the Start regulations, the YMCA Director manual, and the grant funding terms and conditions. Maintain the necessary records and documentation required for state licensing, grant requirements and YMCA policies & procedures. Maintain accurate attendance records. Communicate all needs, problems, concerns, successes about program with immediate supervisor.
  3. Staff Development: Provide direction and guidance to staff, aid in staff training, and conduct staff meetings. Supervise center staff and provide written evaluations of their performance. Provide on-going coaching and feedback. Address any performance issue in a timely manner. Ensure staff is well informed about YMCA mission, vision, values, program goals, policies and procedures and program operations. Ensure staff receives orientation within first week of hire. Maintain current records of staff CPR/First aid certifications and annual training certificates.
  4. Behavior Guidance: Demonstrate the ability to set and maintain limits for children using positive reinforcement. Work with school staff and parents to help children be successful. Assist in the direct supervision of children in order to maintain mandated ratios.
  5. Facility & Risk Management: Supervise proper maintenance of equipment, cleanup of work and play areas and inventory of supplies/materials and snacks. Notify supervisor and school of any facility issues. Ensure the safety of children and staff at all times. Understand emergency disaster procedures for the YMCA and the school and practice emergency response drills monthly.
  6. Relationship Building: Maintain excellent public relations with parents and school staff. Address issues quickly and in a professional manner in accordance with YMCA policies and procedures. Participate in school events.


  • Must be at least 21 year of age. Have current first aid/Pediatric CPR certification. Experience working with children and adults. Bilingual a plus!

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