1. Hall County YMCA has the right to refuse service to anyone who does not agree to our terms and services. Our guidelines are reasonable and comply with local, state and federal law.
  2. Hall County YMCA has the right to refuse service to any members who are not in the correct workout attire when using our facilities.
  3. Hall County YMCA reserves the right to call protective child services on any parents we do not believe are in compliance with the law.
  4. Hall County YMCA is an EEOC and we do not discriminate whatsoever in our job recruitment process.
  5. If you or your child is kicked out of a sporting event, you will also be suspended for the following game. If this happens more than once, the punishment will grow more severe.
  6. Being kicked out of a sporting event more than three times results in a expulsion from all YMCA facilities across the country.
  7. If your child is in one of our after-school latchkey programs and is expelled from school they cannot participate in our programs.
  8. Anything within the YMCA facilities should never be removed without permission. If items are not returned then they will be charged to your account.
  9. Account fees are due at the end of every month. We have payment plans set up for those who cannot pay at the due date.
  10. If you get three months behind on your payments you will be put on probation. If you cannot get caught up within two weeks your membership will be canceled.
  11. Hall County YMCA is monitored twenty-four-seven via our onsite security camera services. We reserve the right to give any footage to law enforcement in case of an emergency.
  12. If you are caught vandalizing any of the YMCA facility or equipment you will immediately be released without a refund.
  13. Our refund policy is fair and the majority of individuals who as for a refund receive it within the week.
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