"Mind, Body and Spirit" is the tri-fold chord that wraps itself around every aspect of the YMCA of Hall County. It defines our mission, clarifies our vision and establishes our core values. However, beyond our organization, these three elements are a part of every human's existence in our community. As a human services organization it is our commitment to provide programs, services and relationships that help stimulate and build each of these aspects in people's lives.

Through vehicles such as Afterschool, Day Camp and Sports we are able to deliver resources to families and children that promote character development, a positive attitude of self and others, an appreciation for good health and wellness, the acquisition of a value system, and the elevation of spiritual awareness. It is to these ends that we strive for excellence. And it is through these vehicles that we will build and strengthen the "spirits" of staff, participants, families and volunteers.

The YMCA of Hall County exists as a non-profit; social service organization deeply committed to our Christian heritage and it’s outplayed in our daily operations, programs and services in the community. With Jesus Christ as our example, we seek to lead others by embracing His principles and sharing them through programs, services and relationships. We welcome into our fellowship persons of other religious faiths and of none.


In order to truly be at peace with the world, you have to find inner peace. You have to be able to dig deep within yourself to pull out your very best and receive what the world has to offer. No one can heal yourself but you. However, we can help guide you down the right path at the Hall County YMCA. Just let us help you and you will start to see the results you seek.

Are you constantly at war with yourself? Unsure of what you are doing with your life and where you are headed? Do you find that it is difficult to get out of the bed sometimes? We get that, we have been there as well at Hall County YMCA. Many of our members and staff joined the YMCA for this very purpose.

We know that life can get hard and sometimes it feels lonely. But we want to assure you that you are not alone on this journey. You have people who share the same feelings as you and can be there to help you along your journey. Stop sulking and start working to get yourself out your current situation. Having a network is incredibly important, and with the Hall County YMCA you know you have one of the strongest around.

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